Benefits for the Employer

Our fully furnished apartments are mainly studio and 1-bedroom apartments. You can make a reservation according to the number of people in your team, booking one or more apartments, which allows you to save in cost of accommodation as the number of employees may vary during the project.

In separate apartments with proximity your employees have their privacy, but can still easily keep in touch and share the ride to the worksite. With Majoitus Makkonen you can provide your employees either private rooms or independent serviced apartments with all facilities, according to your project and the budget! Either way, always notably big savings compared to hotel prices!

For short term assignments and for the most cost-concerned customers we offer comfortable stay in one of our single, twin or triple rooms.

Smart choice for the employer

A furnished apartment is significantly lower cost a choice than a hotel and also a competitive alternative to a privately rented flat, as cozy furniture and decoration, internet and TV, full kitchen facilities with household appliances, pots and pans plus tableware and cutlery, as well as laundry and ironing facilities are included in the price. In addition the price includes cost of electricity and water.

Last but not least; you can book your reservation starting any day of the month or week and end it accordingly – you pay only for the stay, not for the rest of the week or month. According to our 20 year experience in the business, we know projects don’t always proceed as planned and we want to make it smooth and flexible for you when it comes to accommodation.

Staying in an independent flat, unlike in a hotel with all late night attractions, your employee spends their spare time like at home and starts the work brisk and energetic after a good night’s sleep.


When it comes to long term assignments, a private apartment allows the employee’s family to come for visits without additional cost.

Our staff speaks several languages and you don’t need to consume your time exchanging messages between the staff and the employee. We are also happy to provide all instructions to the arriving guest in English so that you get to concentrate on your project, we’ll take care of the rest.

Neither need you do any arrangements like exchanging currency or arranging cash for the payments as our electronic invoicing system allows sending invoices directly to the person responsible for the payments.

As a family run business we are always at your reach, providing flexibility to ever changing situations. With 20 years’ experience in company housing we know the expectations and needs of employees coming to Hyvinkää.

Contact M’accommodation and let us know what we can do for you.

We will find the most appropriate solution to your needs – for an unbeatable price.