Advantages for the Employee

Our furnished and fully equipped apartments are mostly studios or 1-2 bedroom flats. Your employer may provide you accommodation with a flexible contract at the same time as you enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home away from home.

A furnished apartment is an economical choice for the employee; cooking your own meals saves your daily allowances and offers you meaningful activity for the lonely evenings apart from your family. Your family will also prefer your visits back home with a bucket of flowers rather than a bag full of dirty laundry. You may also appreciate the possibility of leaving the work clothes and papers in your apartment and not needing to empty the fridge every time you are away for the weekend.

Majoitus Hyvinkää keittiövarustus Tolppa

In an independent apartment you can spend evenings cooking and relaxing in front of the TV rather than spending time in the lobby bar of a hotel.

Reserving several small rather than one large apartment for the whole team gives the colleagues a possibility to have more privacy and more freedom of choice of whom to share the accommodation with.

Another advantage is the chance to invite the family for a visit and not needing to drive back home every weekend – a nice family mini-holiday at no extra cost!

All our apartments are furnished especially for those who travel for work. As all beds are single you never need to share a double bed with your team mate.

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